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    | Nov 24, 2011
    What better way to enjoy a lovely sunny day than hanging out in the park in a pleasant company? Slip on a chic and cozy outfit, put on your favorite sunglasses and call your dear friend to join you in а journey to the park. Having a fun and relaxing afternoon is guaranteed!

    Styled in a sheer floral print tunic and black leggings by TRF, cognac leather riding boots by Bronx and black leather jacket by Bershka, Angie cherished the warm sunrays. A multicolored beaded necklace and ring glam up her casual look, creating playful light reflections. 

    Gery chills out in a black knee-length dress by Zara, sky blue leather jacket by Blend, black purse by Guess and grey riding  boots by Shoe Art. A grey skull patterned scarf and black beaded jewelry set adds some perkiness to her outfit.

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    | Nov 15, 2011

    What makes us excited about sliding the wardrobe’s door every morning is the variety of charming colors and cozy fabrics of our fall clothing. The art of piling on layers of clothes, the soft touch of cashmere and flannel and the solid embrace of wool keep us warm and comfy in the cold autumn days.

    Despite the fall chill, we still want to look stylish and feminine. Here comes the lovely chic fall dress! You can start wearing it in early fall styled with faux fur waistcoat or leather jacket in combination with ballet flats or classic pumps. When the temperatures drop to freezing, match it with some thick colorful tights or jeggings and put on your favorite ankle boots or sexy over-the-knee stunners.

    Check out how we pulled the chic fall dresses discovered in our closets!

    Gery is wearing a lovely olive green cotton dress by Trucco combined with chocolate suede boots by Sisley and a matching suede jacket by Banana Republic, complemented by an ivory leather shoulder bag by Salvatore Ferragamo.

    To brighten up her look, she cuddled in a dazzling scarf in red, pink and yellow stripes and a magenta flower hair accessory by H&M. A ruby heart necklace by Swarovski makes her style utterly glamorous.

    Angie is styled in a gorgeous violet batwing knit dress by Mango, topped with a black big buttoned wool coat by Benetton featuring a large warm scarf collar.

    Chocolate leather boots by Nine West and a matching nubuck bag by Gap make her outfit absolutely ritzy. 

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