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    | Dec 23, 2011

    “In snowboarding, there's a huge focus on style. It's the aesthetic that draws us in.” Although these words by the US snowboarder Seth Wescott are meant to imply riding style, we know better.

    With the ski and snowboard season approaching at high speed, we are all eagerly anticipating not only the new designs in ski and snowboards, but also the new style trends in the jacket and pants outerwear.

    In recent years, snowboarding wear has managed to blend performance and style into one. This means you can look perfectly in style when riding down the hills in the coldest days at the highest altitudes or when just sipping hot chocolate and amoretto in the ski house. Basically, anywhere else that's prone to winter conditions.

    Keeping this in mind, we styled accordingly and hit the road to the mountain equipped with the outfit that’s equally good for all circumstances whatsoever.

    We dived into an early start because we just couldn’t wait to hit the slopes and have as much fun as possible, could we? You know, just to take a deep breath of the crystal clean mountain air, admire the breath-taking snow caps stretching at great spans at the horizon and explore the backcountry spots enticing us to be the first to ride them.

    Naturally, we needed the perfect gear to achieve this dream of ours. So here, Gery decided to put on a skirt suit in nude color with golden graphics by Billabong, black snowboard boots by Burton, black leather gloves with golden stripes also by Burton, black shiny helmet by Protest and multicolor goggles by Anon.

    Finally, Gery managed to achieve the ultimate style combination by matching the striped pattern of her snowboard by Burton with her Burton hoodie. Now that we’d considered the essential look, we could eventually get to the point to experience some adrenaline and to feel our blood pumping in our ears.

    The snowboard style has been crafted by La Koketa for iPhone – a digital wardrobe and a modern go-to stylist in one. Enjoy!

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    | Dec 16, 2011

    Christmas celebrations have tuned into a long-lived tradition in the malls. Happy crowds are filling the venues, charmed by the sparkling lights and beautiful decoration and cheered up by the Christmas tunes and the joy in the air.

    Here is how we styled for the mall festivities.

    Gery glams in a beautiful chic grey dress with satin ribbon collar by Fornarina, granite leather riding boots by Shoe Art and teal tights to brighten up her outfit.

    Of course, she accessorized classily  with opal earrings and bracelet, leather low-rise belt by CK in white, grey and black and her favorite black leather purse by Guess.

    Angie sparkles in a charcoal dress with splashes of purple and blue by Firetrap, chocolate leather boots by Nine West and black leggings.

    A chic jewelry set by Swarovski and a black studded cross-body bag by Sisley complete her look.

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