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    | May 22, 2012

    Sailing the Greek islands is always a remarkable experience of meeting the sky, the sea, the wind and the waves. It is a magical transfer into a world of elemental powers that can be benevolently friendly by filling your sails and easing your way to islands of incomparable beauty or fearfully hostile by challenging your seafarers’ skills.

    But above all, sailing is about freeing senses and coming into one with nature. 

    That was exactly our intention when mixing with the competitively-spirited crews of sailing boats that cruised around the starting point of Kavala regatta fixed on the target of winning. So instead of launching at full-speed after the victory, we steered unanimously to an amazing little bay on the island of Thasos where we spent a great couple of hours diving in crisp waters and basking in the sun.

    Our cruise to the island was action-packed with full sails and steep heeling. Naturally, the surrounding landscape evoked some style inspirations designed to make you in even further unison with the serene colors and the crew members who needed the most of you. Hence, Gery decided to put on white and cappuccino-colored floral shorts and striped white and cappuccino blouse both by Billabong.

    The landing on the island of Thasos graced us with one of the most beautiful sunsets and inspired us to reflect on the perfect day of sailing and the intimate encounter with the sea and wind. Thinking of all hues of blue: the turquoise skies, the crystal-clear sea ranging from emerald to aqua to the deep blue of the turbulent waters, Gery chose to wear a silk dress by Killah in Turkish blue color and combined with a multi-colored floral beach bag by Rip Curl in pink, white and grey.

    The next day started with the most delicious breakfast onboard when Gery sported a one-shoulder blouse in coral, baby pink, white and brown circles and a denim flared skirt both by Levi’s.

    On our last day in Kavala, we took a leisurely stroll through the streets of the old town and witnessed a tremendous sunset that colored the sea water and the skies in every possible shade of pink. Accidently, Gery wore an asymmetrical floral dress in pink, white and black by Fornarina that perfectly matched the astonishing setting. Ahh, what a fantastic end to a perfect journey at sea!

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    | May 17, 2012

    Spring forests are some of the most marvelous natural settings! There is something innately awe-inspiring and magical about their devouring depth, cleansing purity, fresh scent and versatile hues.  

    This week we tried to capture the enigmatic beauty and the true essence of spring forest. Inspired by the beautiful setting we created two different looks: one tender, light and in full harmony with the serenity of the setting, and the other one – bold, contrasting and live, in perfect match with the vivid colors around.

    Angie went for a gentle romantic look wearing a strapless embroidered dress in powder pink by H&M Conscious, beige shrug by DKNY, beaded multicolored sandals by River Island and beige and silver leather purse by A|X.

    To glam up her delicate style she accessorized with a pearl set of bracelets by Dorothy Perkins, white-rimmed sunglasses by Ray Ban and a silver cuff watch incrusted with purple and green butterflies by Swatch.

    Gery picked up a more bright and bold vision, styled in a graphite silk and lace shirt by Vero Moda, a pair of hot pink skinny jeans by Zara, an oversized cross-body bag by Miss Sixty in black, grey and silver and strappy platform heels in pink and tan by Shoe Art.

    She accessorized with a chain black-and-gold belt by Zara, a studded rhinestone watch be DKNY, beaded golden earrings and studded sunglasses by Valentino.

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