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| Oct 06, 2011

Shopping in the fall makes you want to buy school supplies just like Tom Hanks says in the movie “You’ve got Mail” starring with Meg Ryan. But in addition to checking what the bookstore’s holding in print, you naturally decide to take an investigatory stroll in some clothes or shoes shops just to see if you could enrich your wardrobe with yet another chic new addition. Off course, it always comes down to clothes or bags or shoes for that matter! Usually, we aspire for a revolutionary item that can fit a couple of styles and combines perfectly and smoothly with what’s in your closet.

Here’s how La Koketa proves to be utterly skilled in making all the combinations and suggesting the top outfits. All you need to do is tap on the What to wear? mirror on the main menu and add a preferred item whenever you come across something fascinating and worthy of considering.

In this case, Gery fancies an asymmetrical off-shoulder Miss Sixty dress in rosy brown, which turns out to be pretty versatile when we see what La Koketa has to offer.

The dress effectively makes a great clubbing outfit when combined with matching studded pumps and a chain clutch in the shape of a mini suitcase by DKNY. The whole set is flawlessly completed with an asymmetrical hairdo coming as a counterpoint to the dress so as to balance the look. Finally, remember to throw on a pair of matching chandelier earrings and bangles.

Your look can be completely and unprecedentedly transformed into a more casual one whenever you decide to wear the dress with white flats by Le Coq Sportif, a cross body white bag with black flower graphics and black & white checkered glasses by Miu Miu. Yet, another stunning look for a more office demeanor can be achieved by combining the dress with a maroon suede jacket and high heel boots by Killah, and a purple hand bag by Benetton. It’s cool to add a bright accent to the whole ensemble with a pink scarf!