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    | Sep 17, 2012

    Studs and spikes are one of this fall’s trends that we embrace most enthusiastically. We’ve always sympathized  the edgy biker babe look. This fall studs and spike details are spotted everywhere on clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

    You can rock the fall with this classic biker look featuring black leather leggings, a cross-studded top, leather biker boots and cape leather jacket. As an alternative you can wear a pair of ragged jeans or denim shorts. All accessories like bags, belts and jewelry are detailed with studs and spikes as well. For the ultimate biker babe look add a pair of aviator sunglasses and a skull-patterned scarf. 

    Or go for a more softened and feminine look by combining a black feminine asymmetrical dress with golden studs, cropped jacket studded, studded high-heeled pumps and a matching clutch. Glam up your outfit with a gold-plated cuff bracelet, a shiny collar necklace and sword earrings. For a more sophisticated look combine with a peplum studded top and a pencil skirt.

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    | Aug 09, 2012

    We know you’re still into summer vibes with almost a whole month of hot sun, beach and fun ahead. But our curiosity and eagerness to embrace the new fall trends prevail. So we took a sneak look at what’s cooking for the new season and we’re delighted.

    The color palette is variegated, ranging from soft shades like nude, peach, rose smoke and honey gold to more darker tints like burgundy, navy blue, roasted brown, emerald green and cool grey. The lines are simple but feminine.

    Have a sneak look and stay tuned for a detailed Fall fashion post!

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