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    | Jul 08, 2012

    The wedding season presents us with the exciting opportunity to plan a killer outfit and be the best dressed guest at the upcoming special events on our agenda. Depending on the venue, however, there are a number of challenges to consider when it comes to deciding on your look.

    Conveniently enough, a city wedding gives us the perfect chance to be chic and glamorous. Here are a few styles that are on-trend examples of how to make a modern day statement as a wedding guest.

    As a bridesmaid, Gery chose to make a grand entrance at the event with a one shoulder dress with a cascading drape and pleat-detailed skirt by Alice + Olivia in plum color.

    Gery counterpoised the dress with a diagonally asymmetrical hair-do and one gold chandelier earring that brought the entire asymmetry of the look to a balance.

    Gery accomplished the look with a golden Gucci wristlet, strappy platforms in nude and hot pink by Shoe Art and a designer jewelry by Frey Wille with an enamel and gold design inspired by Gustav Klimt. 

    Two other guests decided to go for the classic all-black and red & black looks featuring tailored styles with fitted dresses and formal jackets.

    The backless jacket with a bow introduced a vigorous touch to the classical look that could definitely get everyone talking.

    If you are all up to having fun, you can definitely go for bold colors and be the brightest spot on the event by pulling a totally extravagant look featuring a green ballerina skirt with orange top and orange heels.

    However, the classic look is most preferred and safest choice when it comes to formal occasions as weddings. A fitted lace dress in navy color with a high-waist ribbon belt or a geometrical black & white dress with red accessories are all very chic and elegant options to choose from.

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    | Jun 15, 2012

    This week’s temperatures hit summer highs. So we decided to pick up three super hot summer trends that will make you look sexy & trendy and at the same time feel breezy.

    Cropped tops are a definite trend this summer. Simple and solid or bright and patterned – get one if you want to look hotter than ever. Start with your abs workout now to make sure your tummy looks perfect. A bold and extremely popular alternative to cropped tops are bra tops.

    Riding on the hot summer wave, you should certainly consider some hotpants. For a more casual look, style in pastel denim low-waist hotpants, a tribal-patterned t-shirt and some wedges. If you’re aiming a more sophisticated evening style, slip on a sheer black top, sequin hotpants and some high heels.

    Asymmetrical hemlines are a very interesting trend. Spotted in dresses, skirts, tops and even jackets, they give you a very dynamic silhouette. For a sexier look, get a sheer asymmetrical dress in bright colors. You won’t stay unnoticed!

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